Image spot on Tele Züri - March 2012

This is our first television spot from em years 2012. He gives mainly in our premises and invites you to visit our clinic, which is located in the middle of Zurich and with the long-distance or local traffic is very easy to reach. Appointments for consultations are welcome under 0041 44 202 50 02.

TV spot Aesthetic Center 2013

The Dr. Kish Aesthetic Center is one of the leading beauty clinics in Switzerland offering you aesthetic services in the areas of face, head, body, intimate surgery for men and women, as well as numerous beauty treatments that, even without surgery, noticeably improve your appearance and well-being. Appointments for consultations are welcome under 0041 44 202 50 02.

Hyperhydrosis / Heavy Sweating (Mediaplanet)

In this film produced by Mediaplanet, Dr. med. Deniel Kish on the causes and permanent remedy of an annoying problem, namely the sweating. This can easily be achieved by ultrasound treatment. We will be pleased to give you further information during a consultation. Appointments are available on 0041 44 202 50 02.

Penis enlargement only at the specialist

More and more men inform us almost daily about intimate topics, for example for penis enlargement, penile thickening, butt enlargement, glans injection or a scrotum lift. Today's medicine offers many possibilities. However, it is important that you turn exclusively to specialist surgeons. The Dr. Kish Aesthetic Center is one of the leading beauty clinics in the field. We are happy to arrange appointments on 0041 44 202 50 02.

Men are increasingly under the knife

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Mediaplanet: 10.09.2013


Men make their best piece more surgery

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20 Minuten: 01.10.2013


New skin rejuvenation technologies "

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Seesicht (2013)


With laser technology to the dream figure

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Zeitschrift: Foyer (2009)


"Some patients feel 10 years younger"

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Medical Tribune (2011)



The VISIA facial analysis - a report by Radio Energy Zurich

Radio Energy: Interview dr. Kish to the RTL jungle camp 2013

adio Zürisee - Sponsoring "Moonlight"

Interview: Liposuction best with laser or ultrasound

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Liposuction is one of the most common topics in cosmetic surgery. Dr. med. Deniel Kish gave the accompanying interview (please click on the icon).


Intimate surgery increasingly popular

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Interview with dr. Kish


Interview: "Consulting very close to people"

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The desire for more youthfulness and freshness, attractiveness and attention is more relevant today than ever before - even more so in Switzerland. Beauty clinics are therefore enjoying ever-increasing demand.

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