Butt lift with perm. thread

Dr. Kish Aesthetic Center Zürich Polift®

The butt lift with permanent thread revolutionizes plastic and aesthetic surgery. This is a new kind of surgery. It is minimally invasive, requires little or no preparation and is of sustained efficacy. With the thread lift method, the fabric is returned to its original position and fixed there. The buttocks can be permanently raised by a few small cuts of a few millimeters. The fine thread is not palpable, because it is soft. Over time, he transforms into a band, ensuring long-lasting results.

Treatment of the butt takes about an hour and can be done under local anesthesia.

Benefits for him and her

  • Minimally invasive with fast recovery
  • No job loss
  • Outpatient procedure for local or twilight sleep
  • The bottom is lifted and at the same time the projection of the butt is increased.
Dr. Kish Aesthetic Center Zürich Polift®
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