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The majority of women worldwide suffer from cellulite.


he causes may be weight fluctuations, but also hormone imbalances or genetic predisposition to the formation of weak connective tissue. The irregularly distributed fat cells push to the surface and give the unsightly dents.

In cosmetic institutes, a large number of methods of cellulite control are offered in which the weak connective tissue structures are not treated. The more methods there are, the safer it is that none of them work properly!

Our treatment with the Vaser Smooth® method attacks all three causing components of cellulite.

  1. The excess fat will be destroyed
  2. The connective tissue stretches between the skin and the muscle are severed.
  3. The skin is toned using high frequency ultrasound.

Thanks to the latest technology from the USA, high-frequency ultrasound is used to treat cellulite at its source.

The Vaser smooth method treats not only the skin but also the underlying fatty tissue, unlike the other anti-cellulite treatments. For the first time, this represents a very effective method of treating ugly dents.


By means of a thin Vaser Smooth® ultrasound probe of only a few millimeters in diameter, the connective tissue bands are cut through, the fat liquefied and the skin tightened.
> Duration of the procedure: about 30 Mi, depending on the extent
> Hospital stay: outpatient
> Lokalbet & auml; pollination


> Follow-up: after 1 week, 1 month, 6 months
> Wearing a compression bodice for a few weeks,
depends on the location of cellulite


> Small surgery with great effect.
> Carried out in a local room.
> Can be carried out during lunch break, thus no loss at work.
> Treatment by the specialized physician.
> Permanent result

For more information about cellulite treatment with Vaser Smooth® talk to Dr. med. (H) Deniel Kish at a personal consultation.

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