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For fine lines of the sun, vascular changes such as couperose, pigmented spots and an overall irregular complexion, methods are needed to treat the skin over a large area. The modern laser and light technology offers excellent opportunities because it is so easy to use and, above all, successful.


With the high-energy laser light, the damaged upper skin layer is razor-thin, so that young and smoother skin can form. The thermal effect of the laser also causes a rearrangement of the collagen fibers and thus a lasting improvement of the skin structure. The complete regeneration of the skin takes several weeks. As long as you should do without direct sunlight. Redness can be covered after just one or two weeks with make-up.

Pulsed light technology (IPL)

In the IPL technique, Intensive Pulse light is used and applied in various wavelengths for hair removal, general rejuvenation of the skin, acne, rosacea, pigmentation and age spots. Adjacent tissue is not damaged.

The treatment lasts between 20-45 minutes and should be repeated at intervals of four weeks about 8-10 times. Afterwards, the skin looks 5 years younger. During hair removal, 85% of the disturbing hair disappear.

Further information on large-scale skin renewal is given to you by our clinic director Dr. med. (H) Deniel Kish at a personal consultation. A non-binding consultation appointment is best made by phone at T:+41 44 505 13 24  or via our contact form.



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