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The Smart / Laser Lipo and VASER (fat removal using ultrasound) methods are among the most popular and successful liposuction treatments in aesthetic medicine in the US and especially in the beauty strongholds between Beverly Hills and New York.

With the aid of only 1-3 mm large microcannulas , the previously marked areas of the body are first infiltrated with a special solution of an anesthetic and a saline solution and the tissue is gently prepared for dissolving the fat cells using VASER technology. The necessary small fine cut is already executed in twilight sleep, to realize a complete absence of pain. With special VASER cannulas, the fatty tissue is then easily dissolved and removed layer by layer.

Far better results than with classic liposuction

With these new methods of low risk, we achieve far better results than with classical liposuction. We, therefore, regard it as the largest development in fat treatment since the invention of liposuction.


The advantage of the VASER Lipo over other techniques is that it protects the nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue structures, and that it also speeds up the healing of the stressed areas. Especially the tightening effect of the tissue , one of the most important components of the procedure, is considerably improved.

After only minor surgery, swelling or bruising rarely occurs. The pain is minimal and can be compared with a sore muscle. Sick days are not necessary. Nevertheless, a compression bandage must be worn for several weeks to ensure permanent lymphatic drainage and healing to proceed continuously.

The result of liposuction can be assessed at the earliest 6-8 weeks after the procedure. A final and satisfactory result can be seen after about six months.

One hour per zone

The treatment of a body region such as the lower abdomen, upper abdomen, arms or neck, the removal of a double chin or breeches takes about one hour.

The skin shrinks after aspiration

Currently, the Smart / Laser Lipo and VASER (Ultrasound) methods are the only treatments that shrink the treated skin after liposuction. This is especially important for patients over 30 years of age who are interested in maintaining their body aesthetics.



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