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In the world of aesthetic medicine, Vaser body sculpting stands at the forefront of innovation. The technique, also known as Vaser 3D liposuction, allows for precise modifications to an individual’s body image by targeting unwanted fat cells and highlighting the body’s natural contours. Unlike traditional methods, this cutting-edge technology allows for quicker recovery and provides lasting and natural aesthetic results.


Treatment duration:

2-3 Hours


1-2 Weeks

The onset of action:

2 Weeks

Effect duration:

Long time




1 Day

Inability to work:

1-2 Weeks

Sports Break:

4 Weeks

Gentle Liposuction

The Vaser technology is a paradigm shift in the world of aesthetic surgery. It uses high-frequency ultrasound to gently and selectively break down fat cells without damaging surrounding nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. This results in significantly accelerated healing compared to traditional liposuction procedures and a notable minimization of swelling and bruising. In addition, the Vaser technology creates a distinct tightening effect on the treated tissues, leading to an authentic and lasting aesthetic result.

Precise Body Modeling

Vaser High Definition and 3-D Body Sculpturing techniques set new standards in body modeling. They emphasize the natural beauty of the musculature and allow for extremely precise modeling of body contours. Through the transplantation of autologous fat into the muscle, specific muscles such as the pectoralis major or the biceps and triceps can be enlarged. This advanced technique allows for the imitation of a trained athlete’s body while permanently eliminating stubborn fat deposits.

Unique Skin Tightening

Vaser liposuction offers a significant advantage over traditional liposuction procedures: it allows for substantial and lasting skin tightening after liposuction. This unique feature makes Vaser liposuction particularly suitable for patients over 30 who want to reduce their body fat and improve skin tightness. It enables significant body modeling without the need for subsequent skin tightening.

Treatment Steps

A general step-by-step guide to the process from the initial consultation to the post-treatment follow-up appointment.

Step 1

Make a consultation appointment

Contact us to schedule a consultation appointment. Your treating physician will discuss your needs and expectations in detail and determine the best treatment for you.

Step 2

Examination and treatment plan

Your health condition will be reviewed to ensure that the planned treatment is appropriate for you. After the examination, an individual treatment plan will be created, which will include the exact steps of your treatment, the time frame and the costs.

Step 3

Make an appointment for treatment

Once you have decided to undergo treatment, a date for the procedure will be scheduled.

Step 4

The day of the treatment

On the day of the treatment, you will come to our clinic. After a final discussion and the necessary preparations, the treatment will be performed.

Step 5

Follow-up treatment and control appointments

Depending on the type of treatment, control appointments and possible follow-up treatments may be scheduled. These serve to monitor the healing process and ensure that the desired result has been achieved.

Step 6

Follow-up and long-term care

Your doctor will give you specific instructions on care and aftercare to achieve and maintain the best results. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


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What is eyelid correction (blepharoplasty)?

Eyelid correction, also known as blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess fatty tissue and sagging skin around the eye. The goal is to restore the clean lines and expressiveness of your eye area.

What distinguishes Vaser body sculpting from traditional liposuction techniques?

Unlike traditional liposuction procedures that often lead to significant swelling and bruising, Vaser body sculpting uses high-frequency ultrasound to gently and selectively break down fat cells without injuring surrounding tissue. This allows for faster healing and significant skin tightening.

Can Vaser body sculpting be used to enlarge certain muscle parts?

Yes, Vaser body sculpting can be used to enlarge certain muscle parts. By transplanting autologous fat into the muscle, specific muscles such as the pectoralis major or the biceps and triceps can be enlarged, leading to a more athletic appearance.

Is Vaser body sculpting suitable for all age groups?

Vaser body sculpting is particularly suitable for patients over 30 as it allows for significant and lasting skin tightening after liposuction. However, it can also be used in younger patients who wish to improve their body contours.

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