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We use the world’s latest technology: the Vaser 3D Liposuction.
The advantage of VASER liposuction over other techniques is that it protects the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue structures and that it also speeds up the healing of stressed areas. The firming effect of the tissue, one of the most important components of the procedure, is thereby considerably improved. This is the only method that causes a significant and permanent tightening of the skin and guarantees an authentic result.

The Vaser High Definition and 3-D Body Sculpturing methods highlight the anatomical beauty of the muscles. In this method, the muscles can also be “enlarged” by means of autologous fat transplantation to the interior of the muscle, e.g. at the pectoral muscle (pectoralis major) or arm flexor (biceps and triceps). This achieves an effective effect of bodily sculpting. You can finally get the desired six-pack and say goodbye to the stubborn last love handles.


> Minimally Invasive
> Special high frequency ultrasonic energy to dissolve the fat gently
> Clinically proven: Firming effect, skin and reduced blood loss
> Fine probes and cannulas to treat all parts of the body gently
Currently, Vaser Liposuction is the only treatment that shrinks the treated skin after liposuction. This is especially important for patients over the age of 30, who are interested in maintaining their physical aesthetics.



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