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Dr. med. (H) Deniel Kish

Dr. med. (H) Deniel Kish (57) is our Senior Plastic Surgeon, Restoration and Aesthetic Surgeon FMH and Gynecologist and a world renowned and sought-after specialist in aesthetic and plastic surgery. After graduating in 1980 in Hungary, he gained valuable experience at various institutes, clinics and universities in Budapest, Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro, Miami and Gothenburg for more than twenty years before founding the Aesthetic Center in 2004 and settling in Zurich , During his stays abroad, Dr. med. (H) Deniel Kish has a tremendous amount of experience working with numerous professors, including a total of five years working with the most famous plastic surgeon in the world, the Brazilian Prof. Ivo Pitanguy.

Dr. med. (H) Deniel Kish is a competent and experienced surgeon and adviser with the professional ability to combine the wishes of a patient optimally with the possibilities of the most modern aesthetic medicine.


> FMH Association of Swiss doctors
> European College of Aesthetic Medicine Surgery ECAMS
> International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery ISPRES
> The New York Academy of Sciences NYAS
> Svensk Plastic Surgery Förening – Swedish Association of Plastic Surgeons


1980 —— state examination
1980 – 1984 —— Cantonal Hospital, Gynecology (Hungary)
1985 —— Karolinska University Hospital Stockholm, Gynecology (Sweden)
1986 —— Karolinska University Hospital Stockholm, Anesthesiology (Sweden)
1987 —— Gävle Cantonal Hospital, General Surgery (Sweden)
1989 —— Clinica Jvo Pitanguy, Rio de Janeiro, Plastic Surgery (Brazil)
1990 – 1992 —— SÖS Hospital, Stockholm Gynecology (Sweden)
1993 – 1994 —— University of Miami, Infertility (USA)
1995 —— Gynecological practice Stockholm (Sweden)
1996 – 1999 —— University of Rio de Janeiro, Prof. Jvo Pitanguy, Plastic Surgery (Brazil)
2000 —— Academic Clinic, Stockholm, Prof. Per Heden, Plastic Surgery (Sweden)
2001 – 2003 —— Art Clinic Gothenburg, Ass. Prof. L. Bartholdson, Plastic Surgery (Sweden)
01. 06. 2004 —— Practice takeover of Dr. med. med. B. Kipfer, Zurich and founding of the Aesthetic Center

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