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In eyelid surgery or eyelid surgery (medical term: blepharoplasty), the excess fatty tissue and the sagging skin on the eye is massively removed and the clear line of the eye area restored. Because it is only a small operation and to accentuate the overall result, eyelid corrections are often performed in conjunction with a facelift.

Away with loopholes and bags

In case of eyelid surgery, disturbing droopy eyelids or bags are easily corrected. The result is an often very startling and positive change of the facial expression and thus of the whole appearance. A distinction is made between an upper and lower blepharoplasty. However, both methods can be combined as desired and as required.

The engagement

We place the cosmetic seams on the upper lid in the natural eyelid crease and on the lower eyelid in the eyelash edge, whereby the fine scars are virtually invisible later. However, removal of puffiness without correcting skin excess is also possible from the inside of the eyelid. Here, the later scar is even completely hidden.

The beauty: After the small procedure, the face looks youthful and fresh again.

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