Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments

Our Aesthetic Center offers a variety of laser treatments for the treatment and removal of spider veins, warts, couperose, pigmentation, hair removal, rejuvenation and facial and décolleté refining. We are primarily using three state-of-the-art devices, the IPL ( Intense Pulse Light) laser , a CO2 fractional laser and a Matisse Fractional Laser.


The IPL technology is suitable for almost all skin types and body parts, very gentle and gentle and is used in hair removal , skin rejuvenation, the treatment of vessels and brown skin pigments. The IPL laser has 3 different wavelengths, which are especially important for permanent hair removal. They determine the depth of penetration into the skin and are tailored to the absorption properties of melanin, which gives the dark hair the color. Side effects as with conventional laser treatments are almost impossible.

Fractional CO-2 Laser

Fractional Laser technology is one of the most advanced procedures for skin improvement and skin renewal. The method is versatile in application and convinces in the result. We use the Fractional CO2 laser mainly for  laser resurfacing . In this method, hundreds of microscopic holes are lasered into the skin. Between these consciously damaged skin areas are untreated skin areas, from which a rapid healing begins. It forms fresh new skin, which refines the entire skin and noticeably rejuvenates the face.

Matisse Fractional Laser

The treatment with the non-invasive (non-surgical) Matisse Fractional Laser is even higher quality than the IPL technique and is one of the world's best and most successful methods for rejuvenation and beautification of the skin. Areas of application are the face , the neck, the decollete , the back of the  hand as well as the legs ( spider veins). During the treatment, each square centimeter of the skin is first penetrated by approximately 1,200 laser beams. At a depth of 1 to 1.5 mm, the laser beams trigger the formation of a large number of stem cells and subsequently a total regeneration of new skin cells. After 5 treatments, the skin has thickened by 50% and the important collagen content has tripled. In addition, a long-term protection against wrinkling and a clear rejuvenation of the face can be achieved.

Below are some examples of our laser applications:

Hair Removal

Using the IPL technique, Intensive Pulse light in different wavelengths is used for hair removal. Adjacent tissue is not damaged. The treatments take place once a month. After 8-10 treatments about 85% of the disturbing hair disappeared.

Spider veins and couperose

For the treatment of spider veins and couperose only one to two laser treatments are necessary. Aloe vera gel is then applied to quickly soothe the initially slightly reddened skin and to achieve a perfect result. After the treatment should be waived for a month on the sunbathing or the solarium.

Age and pigment spots

Depending on the intensity of age and pigmentation spots on the body, the face or on the back of the hand disappear after two laser treatments. Similar to the spider veins or the couperose, the skin is then also slightly red and is calmed by aloe vera gel. The sunbathing or the solarium must also be waived for a month, so that a satisfactory result can be achieved.


In laser skin resurfacing, the damaged upper skin layer of the face is removed with a high-energy laser light, so that younger and correspondingly smoother skin can form. The thermal effect of the laser also causes a rearrangement of the collagen fibers and thus a lasting improvement of the skin structure.

After the treatment, the skin is initially very red and is treated for a while with a homeopathic cream. The complete regeneration of the skin still takes several weeks. As long as you should do without direct sunlight. The redness can be covered with make-up after one to two weeks.

Face and Neckline

With the state-of-the-art and highly effective Matisse Fractional Laser we achieve a clear rejuvenation and improvement of your complexion after only 5 applications in your face or décolleté. The therapy is extremely gentle, almost painless and extremely successful. To maintain the excellent result, a repeat of the treatment or a monthly laser therapy is required approximately three months after the end of the application series.

Skin changes (warts and moles)

Skin lesions such as warts or non-malignant moles can be removed with our laser treatment in our Aesthetic Center. The sore is treated with a cream for about a week until new skin forms on it.

Further information about our laser treatments will be given to you by our clinic director Dr. med. med. Deniel Kish at a personal consultation.

A non-binding consultation appointment is best made by phone at T:+41 (0)44 202 50 02 or via our contact form.

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