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The nose is of central importance for the facial profile and, in the ideal case, adapts unobtrusively to the rest of the facial features.

However, if it represents a disturbing eye-catcher on the face due to its idiosyncratic shape or size, a permanent harmonization is possible through an aesthetic nose operation.


A rhinoplasty is performed on large, thick, crooked or humped nose. So that the procedure leaves no visible traces, the incisions are made in the inside of the nose or at the bridge of the nose. Through this approach, the surgeon “models” the bone and cartilage framework of the nose, depending on the objective.

For example, a nose can be scaled down, narrowed or straightened. For the construction (for example of a nose bridge) we prefer to use the body’s own tissue . To initially support the new nose shape, place a small plaster splint that should be worn for one to two weeks. This period should also be considered for the resolution of swelling and bruising. After the removal of the gypsum, you can easily show yourself in public again.

Further nose corrections

Often a nasal septum correction, a nose-leg erection, a paranasal sinus repair or a plastic correction of the outer nose is also performed in conjunction with a nose correction.

Rhinoplasty without surgery

Smaller bumps or dents can also be injected with hyaluronic acid. The treatment only lasts for about a year, after which it must be repeated.

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