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Your face and complexion are important attributes of your appearance and well-being. To make sure that both remain attractive and youthful, we recently offer you a VISIA facial analysis:

60 minutes for more attractiveness

In just 60 minutes, you will receive valuable information about the exact characteristics of your facial skin and how (undoubtedly undoubtedly) wrinkles, spots, pores, bacteria and solar radiation affect the quality of your facial skin. The results we gain are automatically compared to those of 500,000 other people around the world who have the same skin type and age as you. So you can immediately see how healthy your facial skin is and how you are compared to others. Of course, we will gladly give you the results of your analysis.

A look into the future

VISIA Facial Analysis not only gives you the opportunity to compare your own results with those of other people, but also to see how your face will change over the coming years. In turn, the analysis provides us with important information on how and where we can achieve and significantly improve your complexion through partially simple measures.

Guaranteed younger

Our VISIA facial analysis shows you how individual your complexion is. The information we receive from this enables us to achieve a rejuvenation of up to 5 years . And that is guaranteed, which you will then definitely determine by comparing the before / after analysis values.

The VISIA facial analysis is:

The No. 1 in the world, tried and tested millions of times, simple and convenient, fast and reliable. The time required for you is just 45 minutes, including an analysis interview.

If you want to know:

> how vital your complexion and how effective your skin care is,
> how many pores, wrinkles, spots and bacteria you have on your face
> What traces the UV radiation has left on your face
> How best to care for your facial skin
> If you just want to take a look into the future, as you will look at the same development and care in 5 years, then we recommend a VISIA facial analysis.

We will be happy to guide you through this and subsequently inform you about suitable treatment methods such as laser therapies, hormone treatments, surgical interventions, scrubs or cosmetic applications, through which we can achieve noticeable improvement of your skin and a significant rejuvenation of your face by up to 5 years .



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