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Many men suffer from the fact that their penis is too thin or too small and sometimes develop very serious inferiority complexes. Not a few of them therefore consider a penis enlargement or a penis thickening, which is easily possible with the means of today's medicine. The latter is also suitable for men with erectile dysfunction or who have no more sex, for example, in the sauna or after exercising in the shower in front of the colleague can show. Our Dr.Kish Aesthetic Center is the leading clinic in Switzerland in this area.  Please also read the interview with Dr. med. Deniel Kish (see below).





We can enlarge the penis by lengthening or thickening or as in most cases happens by combining both methods.




During the operation, the penis is freed from fixation to the pubic bone by penetrating the straps and displacing the penis forward. How much length can be gained depends in fact on the length of the fixation on the pubis, which is different for each man. Usually with the Europeans this is between 3-6 centimeters. Asians have significantly less and some African countries like Sudan have more. The extension is the same size in a relaxed and erect condition




Penis thickening is achieved with autologous fat transplantation, ie with the body's own tissue. The penis circumference is extended by 2-4 cm and the penis volume is about 80% greater regardless of whether it is a "blood penis" or "meat penis". The autologous fatty tissue is usually taken from the inside of the thighs or from the abdomen, enriched with the body's own stem cells and then distributed evenly under the penile skin with special, fine, blunt cannulas. It then takes about 8 weeks for the fatty tissue to regrow completely after penile thickening. Thanks to the stem cell method, about 80% of the cells survived. Just by centrifuging and transplanting the fat, only 20-30% of the cells will survive and you will need 2-3 surgeries until you reach an acceptable result. The chances of success with this method are very high, close to 98  percent , if you follow the instructions recommended by the doctor.




The prerequisite for all two methods is a non-binding and personal conversation between the doctor and the patient, which ultimately gives us the opportunity to get to know him, to seriously assess the scope of a necessary operation and to give our best possible advice to interested people.




For further information on penis enlargement and penis thickening, please contact Dr. med. med. Deniel Kish at a personal consultation.

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The acorn enlargement takes place by means of hyaluronic acid gel and contributes to a thickening of the penis tip and thus to a balanced size ratio between the penis shaft and the glans. The consequences are a better body feeling and more pleasure during sexual intercourse with the partner. Scientific studies show that the glans injection prolongs the time between erection and ejaculation. Urological examinations show that about 30% of men will have ejaculation after short sex.

The glans injection is a simple treatment and is done under local anesthetic with an ointment. it is absolutely painless. Immediately afterwards, the patient can leave the clinic and can have sex again after two days.

Further information about the acorn spraying can be obtained from our clinic director Dr. med. med.Deniel Kish at a personal consultation.

A non-binding consultation appointment is best made by phone at T:+41 (0)44 202 50 02 or via our contact form.

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