Scrotum Tightening

Scrotum Tightening

Many men find the loose state of their scrotum (scrotum), which is either caused by muscle weakness or by over-stretching of the skin with age, very disturbing. In close-fitting clothing, a lolling scrotum can also lead to very unpleasant irritation and pain.

A scrotum tightening, a scrotum reduction or even a correction of the scrotum can quickly and easily remedy this situation.

In this procedure, a part of the excess skin tissue is removed, whereby the scrotum subsequently acts much firmer. In addition, a fixation of the scrotum can be performed. The operation is performed under local anesthesia or in short anesthesia. After a rest period of four hours, the patient can then easily return home. He is able to work again after one week, but you should give up about four weeks on sports, heavy physical work or sexual activities.

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