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Penis Elongation

The penis is the symbol of masculinity. Many men feel that they would like to have a longer penis, and until the 1980s there was no safe surgical method to realize this dream.

The majority of men treat this question as a tabu and are ashamed to talk about it or show it to a new partner. It can lead to social isolation and solitude. Many of them try useless pumps or different instruments to mechanically elongate the penis. They may suffer for years until they realize that none of them can help. Shameless vendors sell tablets, potions, etc. which are supposed to enlarge the penis. In the best case they are useless, in the worst case they can cause serious damage.

In his life, every male will lose a part of his penile function. Around 70% of erectile dysfunction is caused by aging and lifestyle through decreasing testosterone levels and direct vascular changes in the penis. A man will lose 1.5 to 2.5 cm in penile length between the ages of 30-70.

Professor Long developed the procedure in China in 1984. It is based on the fact that ca. 50% of the penile length is situated internally. By releasing the fixation point of the penis from the pubic bone, the penis can be moved forward. The procedure requires no operation on the penis itself. In the last 30 years, more than 100,000 operations have been performed worldwide.


There is no cut or scar on the penis. Through a short V-formed incision over the pubic bone in the lower abdomen, about 90% of the suspensory ligament of the penis will be divided. The penis can be pulled down, giving a 3-6 cm elongation of the penis. The longer the original penile flaccid length the greater the elongation. The small wound is well hidden under the pubic hair. The angle of the erection will be lowered around 10-15° but it will not negatively influence sexual function.


> ANESTHESIA – General
> OPERATION TIME – 1-2 hours
> HOSPITAL STAY – 1 night


> RETURN TO WORK – After 1 week by sedentary job, strenuous jobs after 2 weeks. The penis and scrotum are swollen and bruised for 2 weeks. Soreness is present in the pubic and groin region for 1 week.
> EXERCISE – After 4 weeks
> FOLLOW UP – Postoperative days 3, 7,14 and after 1, 3 and 6 months.
> SUTURE REMOVAL – After 14 days.
> NO SMOKING – for 2 weeks.
> CLOTHING – Loose underwear and clothing for 4 weeks.
> MEDICATION – Antibiotics for 1 week.
> Light analgesic for 1 week



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