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Penis Enlargement with Hyaluron Injection in 30 Minutes

According to an American study, 70% of men surveyed are dissatisfied with their penis. Although sexual life can be severely restricted by a penis that is a little too small or too thin, penis enlargement is still considered a taboo subject. At the same time, penis length is also a status symbol for men and thus has a direct effect on self-confidence and mental health.

Why Penis Thickening?

As a study by the University of Utrecht shows, it is not the length but the thickness of the penis that is important for women. Especially after a natural birth, a woman’s vagina remains dilated and the thickening of the penis can often be necessary for a sustained fulfilling sex life. A so-called penis thickening can be carried out without risk by means of injections of hyaluronic acid.

Natural Looking Result

Penis thickening with hyaluronic acid is a type of penis enlargement in which the penis shaft is injected with the gel that occurs naturally in the body through a gentle procedure. After an intensive preliminary consultation with the treating physician, the treatment is performed under local anesthesia. The hyaluronic acid known from facial treatments such as wrinkle smoothing of the skin is inserted by the surgeon with a blunt microcannula and evenly distributed in the subcutaneous tissue until the desired shape and size of the penis is achieved. Due to the minimally invasive procedure, this natural form of penis enlargement is completely painless for the patient.


Improved Sex Life – Only After 1 Week with No Work loss!

The gentle treatment with hyaluronic acid results in an enlargement of the penis through a well-formed thickening of the penis. The painless procedure results in an enlarged circumference of 1 to 2 cm on average. For the patient, the treatment does not mean any restrictions in social or professional life. Within 1 week, the hyaluronic acid injected is completely connected to the penile tissue and sexual intercourse is possible again without restrictions. The achieved penis enlargement is immediately visible after the procedure and remains fully preserved for up to 12-18 months. If necessary, the natural breakdown of hyaluronic acid in the body can be compensated by a new treatment. 


What Does Penis Thickening Cost?

The price for penis thickening depends on the exact expectations of the patient. Thus, the desired shape of the penis and the enlarged circumference can be discussed with the treating physician. In order to achieve an aesthetic overall picture, the enlargement and enlargement of the glans is often also desired by the patient. By placing small hyaluron deposits on the corona of the glans, the circumference can be increased and a visible enlargement of the glans can be achieved. The actual costs of the procedure depend on the wishes of the patient and the amount of hyaluron used and will be clarified in advance in a detailed consultation with the treating experts.



Not only the length of your penis, but also its thickness is crucial for a fulfilling sex life. Through the injection of natural hyaluronic acid, the penis is specifically enlarged and thickened in circumference by up to several centimeters. The minimally invasive procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and is completely painless for the patient. The penis thickening is visible immediately after the procedure and remains completely intact for up to 12-18 months.   



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