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Dear customers,

Above all, the successful work in our Aesthetic Center is based on the fact that we strive for a trusting and serious relationship with our patients right from the start.

Especially in beauty medicine, the costs and the time required for operations and treatments are often very dependent on the individual wishes and requirements of the patients. They can therefore differ considerably. In addition, the most expensive provider is not always the best, because there are clinics that can work much more economically and cheaply and still offer the same high quality services as others.

Therefore, please understand that we are only hesitant to answer price inquiries, as they can ultimately only be serious if we have seen you, the problem area and the associated, actually necessary effort.

Based on our vast experience in this field, we would like to encourage you to take 45 minutes and have a consultation with us, where we will give you the best possible recommendation and provide you with all the information you need to make your decision. Of course, we can then make a realistic and cost-effective estimate after this personal conversation.

If you still need an approximate price for your decision, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will then respond to your request as soon as possible.

Please also read our note about the financing options at various providers. When making a request, we are happy to help.

Another important tip:


When looking for a suitable clinic, always make sure that the attending physician has the additional title “FMH”. This designation means that the surgeon is a member of the professional association of Swiss doctors and has the appropriate qualifications for the performance of his duties. Terms such as “beauty surgeon” or “aesthetic surgeon” are not protected.

Your Aesthetic Center team

Dr. med. (H) Deniel Kish

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