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Labia Enlargement

Usually, the inner labia minora are covered by the outer labia majora. However, it is the case with many women that they are only slightly pronounced or the tissue of the labia minors loses its elasticity with age, and it relaxes. Often the affected women, therefore, feel less attractive and sometimes even have reservations to show their partner.

By enlarging the flat outer labia, the female genital becomes taut, soft and well padded. To do this, we use endogenous fat (autologous fat transplantation) in our Aesthetic Center. The labia enlargement takes place on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia or, if desired, in a light twilight sleep. Scars are barely left behind.

After only a very short operation the full functionality and sensitivity of the organ is preserved. The final result can already be seen one month after the surgery. In order not to endanger this, you should have no sex for two weeks or do sports such as cycling or riding.

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