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Labia Reduction

Overdeveloped and too large internal labia can be perceived as very disturbing for aesthetic reasons and produce in many women a feeling of discomfort and shame. In sport or sexual intercourse, they can even cause pain.

Too big labia are, anatomically speaking, nothing more than increased, additional skin and therefore medically quite comparable to loopholes. With a labia reduction, this excess skin is easily corrected and removed.

At the Aesthetic Center Dr. med. (H) Deniel Kish – who is also a gynecologist by the way – is a labia reduction either outpatient under local anesthesia or if desired in a light twilight sleep (sedation) carried out. The sensitivity and functionality of the female organ remains after the operation. Scars are barely left behind.

The final result can already be seen one month after the surgery. In order not to endanger this, you should have no sex for two weeks or do sports such as cycling or riding.

For more information on labia reduction, our clinic director Dr. med. (H) Deniel Kish at a personal consultation.
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