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As a mound or pubic mound, the slight elevation above the pubis is called. It is formed by subcutaneous fatty tissue and begins at the point where the labia minora meet.

Frequently, venous hillocks accumulate light to medium fat deposits, which can not be removed by exercise or dieting. A strong pubic mound can cause redness, irritation and pain. For many women, however, he is above all disturbed because he is clearly visible under close clothing. The pubic mound can be fixed quickly and easily by liposuction. In case of very strong severity, even a small skin incision may be necessary to remove excess skin tissue.

Another way to correct the monsoon is the build up of pubic hair through autologous fat when the skin has become flabby and wrinkled. In most cases this is a connective tissue weakness, a hormonal change or a strong weight loss the triggering factor.

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